Media Accuses Don Jr. Of Abusing A Woman… When He Was Three Years Old

As women bravely share their stories of sexual assault one journalist decided to speak out agains Don Jr. for something he did when he was three-years-old. This is not a joke people. Virginia Heffernan, a contributing editor of Politico released a tweet with the accusation.

“My friend Anna taught Don Jr preschool in Manhattan. She asked him to move his mat one day and he said, “F*ck you, b*tch.” He was three. Today’s for you, Anna,” tweeted Heffernan. That’s right, we are now accusing three year olds. The sad thing is that there are people who did not see her tweet as ridiculous.

“Yeah, monsters are made and indulged, not born that way. The entire family is like a parody or caricature of awful rich people. When those of us, who grew up more modestly, stereotype (often unfairly) ALL rich people as assh*les this is what we envision. Jesus, 3 years old?” wrote one commenter in response.

“She quit teaching forever at the end of that year. It’s not a # metoo story but it was extremely disorienting. Many of us are essentially in service roles to the rich, and it takes its toll,” tweeted Heffernan.

People on the internet mocked Heffernan for this scoop. “She quit teaching bc of a 3 year old?? Is this some type of parody account? I really hope so for your own sake LOL” tweeted one user. Check it out for yourself below. “As the owner of a preschool with 85 students, I can tell you that I’ve never heard a 3 year old use those words in the proper context. They may hear them and repeat them, but a story like this would never be believed by anyone who works with preschoolers,” wrote another.


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