DNC’s Howard Dean Tells All Old People To “Get The Hell Out Of Politics”

During an MSNBC interview, former DNC chairman Howard Dean suggested that people over 50 shouldn’t be involved with politics because their futures won’t be as affected by policy decision.

“I’m very much for somebody who’s younger. I think my generation has got to get the hell out of politics. Start coaching and start moving up this next generation who I think are more fiscally sane,” said Dean in an interview with Morning Joe.

“I actually think the progressives are in the process of informally taking over the Democratic party. Neither Republicans or Democrats can claim they are fiscally responsible anymore after what the Republicans just did with this tax bill. This young generation is going to pay for that if we don’t get the hell out of the way, and have somebody who’s 50 running the country,” said Dean.

“Chris Murphy from Pennsylvania, I mean from Connecticut. Kamala Harris of course. Kirsten Gillibrand. I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw 17 people running,” said Dean.

It might be nice having older people in politics because they have actually had experience and knows better what works and what doesn’t work. This isn’t the only crazy thing Howard Dean has said recently. Last month Dean shared a wacky conspiracy theory that the ‘alt-right’ created an alternative version of Trump’s Access Hollywood tape to convince people it wasn’t true.


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