James Comey Just Tried To Insult Trump On New Year’s, It Backfired Brutally

Over the past two years, fired former FBI Director James Comey has thoroughly disgraced himself to Democrats and Republicans alike. Republicans cannot stand him because he clearly did the Democratic Party a huge favor by letting Hillary Clinton off without any charges. Democrats hate him because he reopened the FBI’s investigation into Clinton right before Election Day, torpedoing her last chance of getting elected.

After returning to private life, Comey truly should keep his mouth shut, particularly since fellow former FBI Director Robert Mueller is conducting a highly controversial investigation into President Donald Trump and his circle. Instead, impulsive Comey decided to try and insult Trump over New Year’s.

Through his Twitter account, Comey threw out a thinly-veiled dig at President Trump, insinuating that he is a liar. Comey posted, “Here’s hoping 2018 brings more ethical leadership, focused on the truth and lasting values. Happy New Year, everybody.”

It did not take long to others to point out how hypocritical Jim’s statement was. Replied one Twitter user, “Well you didn’t show too much ethical leadership when you let Strok & Lynch tell you how to word certain legal matters when dealing with Mrs Clinton. And didn’t show it when u leaked a memo to the Times to get your boy Mueller in charge of BS Russia probe. Pot calling kettl Black.”

 Another hit just as hard, writing, “so much corruption happened under your watch yet you’re still pretending life is grand; prancing in fields, tossing out bible quotes, getting millions for your ‘story’ – a story to which we already know the ending. i feel sad for you.” Do you think Comey has zero right to call anyone else unethical or a liar?


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