Breaking: The Worst Liberal Ever Is Now Running For U.S. Senate In Maryland

Democrats managed to defeat conservative values activist Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate special election and also recently America’s very first transgender state representative was elected in Virginia.

Now it clearly seems that the left has been emboldened to run out its most extreme candidates possible, either as a deliberate provocation to America’s conservatives or else because they actually believe that they could win.

The most recent extremist to toss their hat in the election ring is the former Army private named Bradley Manning who had surgery to “become a woman” and now goes by the name Chelsea Manning. Manning has decided to run for U.S. Senate in Maryland.

 The 30-year-old, as some may remember, was convicted of giving Wikileaks classified government documents. Former President Barack Obama commuted Manning’s sentence after she only served seven years.

While she was jailed, Manning became a hero to left-wing transgender activists. Said Chase Strangio of the ACLU when Manning was released, “Finally, she will be leaving prison and building a life beyond the physical walls of the many sites of her detention. It is a remarkable gift to the world that Chelsea will be able to grow and fight alongside us for justice.” Do you think convicted felon Chelsea Manning is unfit to serve in the Senate?


Breaking: The Worst Liberal Ever Is Now Running For U.S. Senate In Maryland
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