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Alveda King Blasts Libs Who Use MLK Day To Say Trump Is Racist, ‘African-Americans Are Benefiting’

One sad truth about the current political reality in the United States is that the Democratic party takes the African-American vote entirely for granted. Despite doing virtually nothing for black people in our country and instituting policies that keeps poor blacks entrenched in poverty, Democratic candidates still somehow expect this voting bloc to reliably show up for them at the polls.

It clearly galls Democrats, then, when prominent African-Americans publicly buck them and call them out for their failed policies. It must have hurt extra-hard when leftists found out that Alveda King, the niece of civil rights icon Martin Luther KIng, Jr, is a member of the Republican party and a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump.

King was galled to hear that many figures on the left were using the federal holiday that celebrates her late uncle’s legacy as an excuse to bash President Trump and claim that he is a racist. Alveda made a special Martin Luther King Day appearance on Fox & Friends to defend Trump against the left’s attacks and point out how African-Americans have benefitted during his presidency.

 Stated Alveda bluntly, “I do not believe that President Donald John Trump is a racist.” She elaborated, “I mean look at everything: the economy is up, jobs are up in the black community, there’s great promise to get a lot of people who have been unfairly incarcerated out. There’s so many economic opportunities, opportunities for babies in the womb.”

She went on, stating that the president “is working for America, period, as he’s draining the swamp,” and “African-Americans are benefitting.” King added, “Our jobs are going up; our unemployment is going down. Companies are saying they’re gonna raise minimum wage and do bonuses because of the tax cuts, so the president is helping the African-American community, and I don’t believe President Donald John Trump is a racist.” Are you glad King told the truth about what the president has accomplished?


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