“Deplorable Vet” Gets Offer To Replace Maxine Waters At State Of The Union

Ricky Taylor, an Army veteran and Trump supporter who goes by the Twitter name “Deplorable Vet” will be replacing Maxine Waters at President Trump’s State of the Union address. Maxine Waters announced he was protesting the event by not showing up.

“Why would I go and take my time and go listen to a liar, to someone who lies in the face of facts? To someone who can change their tune day in and day out? He does not deserve my attention!” said Waters. As if Trump needed her attention. In response, the veteran made a tweet which quickly went viral.

“@FoxNews Everyone please help and retweet. I would like to take Maxine Waters seats at The State Of The Union Address. If they don’t want to go this Military Veteran would gladly go. I’d tell the President how much he means to myself, family, Military, and all of his supporters!” tweeted Taylor. Fox had Taylor on to talk about his positions.

“[Waters] goes on TV, and just because she’s black she thinks that she speaks for all black people…I’m half black, half Puerto Rican … there’s so many Trump supporters out there that are minorities … she doesn’t speak for everybody. She surely doesn’t speak for me,” said Taylor in a Fox interview.

Soon Taylor got the invite he was looking for. ” “It’s official! I am going to the STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS! Thanks to Representative for Wisconsin’s Seventh District Sean Duffy @RepSeanDuffy for personally inviting me as his guest! I am extremely thankful for this. Couldn’t have done it without all of you and @foxandfriends,” he tweeted.


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