“And Now My Career Is Over” Suzanne Somers Reveals What She Really Thinks Of Trump, Libs Furious

Actress Suzanne Somers praised President Trump and said that she has been happy with how he is doing in his first year. She also said that admitting this was career suicide. “Are you happy about the shutdown with the government today?” asked a TMZ reporter.

“I’m happy about him,” said Sommers. “I’m happy that the economy’s doing so much better,” Ms. Somers added. She then said support for the President is is “very rare” in Hollywood. “And now my career is over!” she said, laughing.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Somers’ Conservative side. In 2014 Sommers wrote about how how Obama is creating a divided nation.

“Sadly, in the past few years, our great country has become a divided nation. Black is divided from white. Gay is divided from straight. Rich is divided from poor. Religious is divided from secular. We are not talking to each other. We do not respect our differences. We have become societal isolationists,” wrote Sommers.

“Where are the Ronald Reagans and the Tip O’Neills of today? We are in desperate need of leaders who will bring us together and talk to each other, so we can all begin to talk to each other once again,” she wrote.

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