BREAKING: Famous Football Player Protests By Threatening To Rape The Wife Of A Cop

We have seen a lot of football players disrespecting our flag, disrespecting are troops and disrespecting the police. The hatred against police officers is getting worse and worse. New York Jets Wide Receiver Robby Anderson was arrested after driving 105 mph in a 45 mph zone.

According to the police report he drove at that speed for .75 miles, ran two red lights and fleed from police. The arresting officer Jonathan B. Hennessy described the ugly confrontation he had with the player.

“While in the back of my patrol vehicle, Robert stated that when he got out he was going to find my wife, f*ck her and n*t in her eye. He continued (to) make other verbal threats towards my family. Based on his statements. it was clear that he intended to sexually assault my wife. He also began to brag about how much money he has and how all I was doing was trying to do is ‘Ruin his fun,’” said Hennessy.

Anderson’s attorney Ed O’Donnell tried to make the arrest about race. “He’s not accusing anybody of anything … but what happens to young black men when they’re stopped for a traffic offense? Because that’s what it was. The other stuff was after the fact,” said O’Donnell.

“The charges are totally out of character for Robby. He’s just a fine young man who I hold in high regard. I don’t know what he said [to police]. I know what’s been printed. I’ve been doing this for 47 years and what’s stated in a police report is often at odds with true facts. It started as a traffic offense and escalated, OK?” said O’Donnell. Anderson was arrested on similar charges in May 2017.


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