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Another Company Is Coming Back To The U.S.!

Campbell’s Soup is shutting down its Toronto, Canada plant, and will return the jobs to the U.S. and its factories there.

From Casanewsfeed:

Another company has made an announcement that it will move production back to America from foreign soil. Campbell Soup is closing its Toronto plant and coming back to the U.S.

UPI News reports:

Campbell Soup to close Toronto plant, move production to U.S.

The Campbell Soup Company has announced on Wednesday that it is going to shut down its Toronto plant and move operations to its three U.S. factories.

The move will result in nearly 400 lost manufacturing jobs at the plant, which has been in operation since 1931. The Toronto plant will be closed in phases over the next 18 months and production moved to Maxton, N.C.; Napolean, Ohio; and Paris, Texas.

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