Cenk Uygur Claims That Republicans “Hate Cops”, He Gets Crushed Immediately

Liberal commentator Cenk Uygur claimed that Republicans and Donald Trump ‘hate cops’ because we are willing to question their biases.

“Why do Republicans and @realDonaldTrump hate cops? The FBI are the top cops in the country. GOP relentlessly attacking them because they don’t believe in rule of law & don’t support cops!” tweeted Uygur. This is especially ironic given the anti-police messages he has made.

“Did the cops shoot the armed thugs who took over federal property within two seconds? No, that’s only for black children? #OregonUnderAttack,” tweeted Uygur in 2016. “Have American cops been trained to shoot and kill at slightest provocation or fear or are they universal cowards? #trainedtokill #Ferguson,” tweeted Uygur.

People all over twitter attacked him for his moronic comment. “It’s not Cops or law enforcement that we hate, it’s the corruption, which people like Cenk support, that we hate,” wrote one user. “Why does he support corrupt candidates like Hillary?” wrote another.

“That’s special even for someone as dim as he is,” wrote Dave Rubin, a man who used to work for Uygur. “Hey Cenk, how’s that prediction video you made of Trump resigning going so far? lol” wrote another user. Are you a proud, cop-loving Republican?

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