ESPN’s Jemele Hill Accuses Trump Of Being Involved In “Racial Pornography”

Al Sharpton interviews ESPN host Jemele Hill who became infamous after calling President Trump a ‘white supremacist.’ Now she is claiming that Trump is engaging in ‘racial pornography’ by defending our National Anthem.

Sharpton asked if she was surprised that Trump mentioned the anthem protests in his State of the Union address.

“I think this is going to be probably a constant thing for the president because it’s a very easy dog whistle. It’s low hanging fruit. It’s what I like to call ‘racial pornography’ because it’s a way to stoke his base,” said Hill without any explanation of what that means.

“In a weird way, I think it’s kind of weirdly brilliant because he has been able to hijack the entire conversation and to make this about patriotism. And, really, if anybody knew just even the smallest bit of American history, they would understand that what the players have chosen to do is the most patriotic thing that you could, and Colin Kaepernick, who this conversation started with, and still is very much the foundation of this conversation,” said Hill.

She also discussed her move from SportsCenter to the much less popular ‘The Undefeated.’ . “It was not a fit for me because ultimately I had a lot of things that I really wanted to say and wanted to express, and the ‘SportsCenter’ vehicle is not necessarily set up for that. So I wanted to be on a property that was,” said Hill.

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