Chelsea Handler Attempts To Reach Out To Trump Supporters By Having Sex With Them

Chelsea Handler, a disgusting ‘comedian’ who is constantly insulting Republicans and President Trump decided to try out a new tactic. Having sex with someone she disagrees with. “In my effort to achieve some level of bipartisanship, my goal this year was to sleep with a Republican— voluntarily. It’s going to be tricky,” tweeted Handler.

She was hit with a ton of clever responses. “If you really want to win them over, why would you threaten them like that?” wrote one user. “Republican men have standards,” wrote another. “You mean in your effort to achieve some level of attention,” wrote another. “Good luck finding someone as desperate for attention as you are. you may have to tweek the “voluntary” part a bit and pull a cosby on them,” wrote another.

Chelsea has done and said a lot of crazy things since this election. She recently tried to shame ‘white women’ who voted for Trump.

“I know 53 or 54 percent some argue–of white women voted for Donald Trump, and that made me sick to my stomach, because we’re voting against our best interests. Whereas, you know, 94 percent of black women did not vote for Donald Trump because they knew they would be voting against their best interests,” said Handler.

“You don’t have to be a best friend to every woman, but you have to be a sister. And we have to act like that, and we have to support each other, and promote each other. And we didn’t turn out for Hillary Clinton. So, we’ve got to figure out who the woman is that we are going to show up for,” she said.

Chelsea Handler Attempts To Reach Out To Trump Supporters By Having Sex With Them
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