Constitutional Scholar Catches Pelosi In A Huge Lie About The FISA Memo

Constitutional scholar and professor at George Washington University, Jonathan Turley, is normally a Democrat. However, he was able to call out all of Nancy Pelosi’s bullsh*t and lies that she has been spreading about the FISA memo. She acted like releasing the memo would have dire consequences, but Turley has the truth.

“Those of us who have been working in national security cases a long time expected there to be some type of footprint of sources and methods. There wasn’t. This thing wasn’t even remotely classified. That really concerns a lot of us because it’s the use of classification laws for tactical purposes,” said Turley to Tucker Carlson.

“Critics have said for years that the FBI and other agencies have been classifying material to avoid embarrassment. This may be the most public and relatively rare example of that. There is nothing remotely in this memo that justifies the rhetoric used by Minority Leader Pelosi and ranking member Schiff,” he said.

“They all said there would be dire consequences. The FBI director said there would be grave problems that would arise with the release. And then you look at the memo and it’s sort of an empty grave,” he said.

“It was confirming that the dossier was a critical part, if not the determinative part in securing that FISA order. So, the question returns us to why did all of these members say that this would jeopardize national security? When you say there’s a national security risk about a document being released and it is something of this kind that doesn’t have any sources of methods or sensitive information, it’s a problem. Because that’s lying to the American people,” he said.

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