Lindsey Graham Says That Showing Off Our Military Is “A Sign Of Weakness”

President Trump proposed the idea of holding a military parade as a way to honor our troops. But according to Lindsey Graham, this is ‘a sign of weakness.’

“I don’t mind having a parade honoring the service and sacrifice of our military members. I’m not looking for a Soviet-style hardware display. That’s not who we are. It’s kind of cheesy. I think it shows weakness, quite frankly,” said Graham.

“The idea of showing muscle through a parade, I think, is counter to what we’re about and would actually be a sign of weakness, not strength. Honoring the military through an annual parade, count me in. I just don’t want it to become a want hardware. I want it about people,” said Graham.

CNN analyst and former Obama employee John Kirby made a very similar point. “I don’t like it, not at all. This is not about showcasing our military. This is about the president showing off. This is all about his ego. And that is just an inappropriate use of military time, talent and resources,” said Kirby.

It’s interesting how Lindsey Graham sounds so much like a Democrat! And of course Joe Scarborough made a comment as well comparing Trump to Kim Jong Un for wanting the parade. “This is Soviet Union and North Korea, isn’t it?” said Scarborough. “Something like that,” his fiancé Brzezinski responded. “This is very autocratic and who would ever guess this president is prone to autocratic tendencies?” said Scarborough. Why is the media so intimidated by Trump showing off our military?

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