VIDEO Whoopi Blatantly Says It’s Trump’s Fault When The Stock Market Is Bad, Obama’s When It Is Good

During a recent rant on ‘The View’ Whoopi Goldberg tried to explain that President Trump can never take credit for something good happening in the stock market, but Obama can. And it is also the fault of Republican Presidents when something bad happens in the stock market.

“We at the table know that … no president can actually take credit for what the stock market does. You just can’t,” said Whoopi right before giving Obama all the credit.

“But to be clear, the market has been on a steady incline. starting when Obama took office and turned around the insane economy that he inherited from President Bush,” she said. So can the President not take credit? Or can they?

“So, you know, the it’s — it’s been — it’s been going better. But, why do we always have to explain to people that, you know, because somebody — somebody on the — one of the other networks said, ‘Oh, thanks, Obama.’ Like it was his fault that this happened,” said Goldberg.

The conversation turned to Sean Hannity allegedly blaming Obama for a recent stock market dip. “Hey, Sean, you know Obama’s been gone for a while, right? And, in fact, and call me crazy, but when he came in, I believe we were kind of in the toilet. So he kind of dragged this behemoth forward and left the new guy in a rather good position. I know you guys want to say that nothing was good under him. But, you know, it’s kind of weird,” she said. Joy Behar made it much worse. “I worry about Sean because his head is so far up Trump’s butt that it could give him a concussion,” said Behar. Disgusting.

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