Watch ‘Hard Journalist’ Chris Cuomo Literally Beg Joe Biden To Run For President

CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who recently mocked Fox News anchors for being biased ‘pundits, not journalists’ practically begged Joe Biden to run for President in 2020. Do you think he would do this to a Republican candidate?

“We’ve got a lot of talented people in the Democratic Party, and I’m looking for some of these guys to come along,” said Biden about the prospect of him running in 2020. “Who’s better than you?” asked Cuomo. “Your father was better than me,” responded Biden.

“Listen, don’t make me get upset. You know how Pop felt about you, you know you guys represent the same things, and I’m not saying the country would embrace you and I’m not saying you would win, but how do you not run for president? How do you not!?” asked Cuomo.

Pathetic. Here is what he recently said about Fox News journalists. “So, they are not fair brokers of what’s going on. And that’s OK. The media has room for everybody. They’re pundits, not journalists, and that’s what they do,” said Cuomo.

He holds himself in much higher regards. “They’ve made a very obvious choice about what they want to do. And MSNBC has made an obvious choice as well. And they are within their rights to do that, and the audience gets to decide. That’s the beautiful thing about this business. … Everybody’s got to make their choices. You decide to work where you feel you’re best suited to doing the job the way you want to do it. That’s why I came to CNN,” said Cuomo.


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