Mike Huckabee Eviscerates “Utterly Dishonest” Eric Holder For Lie About Trump And The DOJ

Former attorney general Eric Holder claimed that President Trump was going after the Department of Justice. Mike Huckabee eviscerated him for his lies. “But the real problem here is the president. The president going after named career people,” said Holder.

“The president saying things about the integrity of the those two institutions, the justice Department, the FBI. No other president has ever said those kinds of things, conducted himself in that way. And he’s doing long-term harm to the reliability and integrity of the Justice Department and to the FBI,” said Holder.

Now here’s what Mike Huckabee has to say about this. “A lot of the stuff that Eric Holder was saying was just political nonsense and rhetoric. And that’s fine. That’s what people do at those kind of events. But he said a couple of things that were utterly dishonest,” said Huckabee.

“One of which was the president is disparaging the Justice Department and the FBI. That’s not true. [Trump] has made it clear over and over that he respects the institutions in the rank and file. But what does he not respect is when people at the highest levels abuse their badge, their guns and their power and they go after people for political views,” said Huckabee.

“That’s not going after the institutions, it’s trying to preserve the integrity of them. Which has been compromised by people like Peter Strzok and Lisa page and Andrew McCabe, and Bruce Ohr and a host of other people who shouldn’t even be getting a government paycheck. And Eric Holder can’t defend that,” said Huckabee. Do you think Huckabee is right?

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