Pope Francis Was Caught Red-Handed Making Deal With Communist China To Oppress The Church

Pope Francis has not been the smartest pope we have seen in our lifetime. However, he just took this to new levels and made a horrible deal with China that will actually oppress the Catholic Church.

“One of the pope’s right-hand men, Archbishop Sorondo from South America, he is the head of the Vatican’s office on science and social sciences. He actually said a couple of days ago that China does a better job living out Catholic social teachings than the United States. He is saying that they’re defending the climate; they’re avoiding reckless capitalism,” explained John Zmirak,

“The Vatican just cut a deal with the collaborationist Chinese communist party-controlled Catholic church. There’s a real church, which has been underground and illegal since Mao Zedong, and then there’s been kind of like a Vichy French collaborationist wing, where they work for the government,” says Zmirak.

“The government appoints the bishops. The government controls everything. The Catholic church always condemned that as a communist front group. The Vatican just made a deal with the communist front group that they are going to be regarded as the real church, and the underground church has to resign and just go join the communist church,” said Zmirak.

“Right now, the Chinese communist government is blowing up the churches of evangelical Protestants, and now, what are we doing? We’re siding with the government that’s blowing up these people’s churches and putting them in prison,” he said.

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