“White Supremacist Rallies, Child Molesters, Domestic Abusers” Jake Tapper Blames Them All On Trump

CNN’s Jake Tapper went on one of the most overly dramatic speeches of his career against President Trump. He blamed every bad thing on Trump. The ‘lines of human decency’ the klan, Nazis and more.. All Trump’s fault apparently.

“There are basic lines of human decency, norms to which society generally agrees and to which we adhere, and we continue to see the Trump presidency eroding these lines. Some of the people marching alongside Nazis in and the Klan Charlottesville were very fine people, President Trump said, as he drew a line of moral equivalence of those who protested days after one of those Nazis drove purposefully into a crowd and killed Heather Heyer,” said Tapper.

This is a lie. He is referring to a speech in which Trump mentioned there were good people protesting the removal of the statue who were not racists. But Tapper doesn’t care about honest.

“Before we begin today’s report, I just wanted to once again note a further erosion of standards for what I thought we had all agreed was not ok, not acceptable, not moral, white supremacist rallies, child molesters, domestic abusers,” said Tapper after failing to explain how these things were connected to Trump in any way.

“Another moment where the White House is, sadly, no longer considered a place of the highest standards in the land, but rather a place where our national standards are being degraded,” said Tapper.


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