Ferguson Curb Stomps Bill Kristol For Saying That Questioning The FBI Makes You ‘Un-American’

Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol tried to claim that if you defend President Trump, it means you think that the FBI is an entirely corrupt organization. Ben Ferguson hit Kristol back hard. “Just think what Ben is saying. He’s doing his best to defend the president. He is saying the FBI is an entirely corrupt organization,” said Kristol on CNN’s “New Day.”

“That’s not what I said at all,” responded Ferguson. “Let me finish the sentence Ben! Ben let me finish the sentence! He just implied, oh that’s maybe why they found [the FBI texts], because of the pressure. You’re implying that the FBI purposely lost the texts and found them because of political pressure,” said Kristol.

“That’s not what I said. Bill, let me be clear,” Ferguson replied. “Then say it! Say it! Say it!,” yelled Kristol like a child.

“Listen clearly because you’re putting words in my mouth of things I never ever said. So listen to me. My father is in law enforcement. The majority of people at the FBI, the majority of the people at Department of Justice I think do a good job. It is also incredibly naive to assume after seeing the words of people at the FBI in their own text messages and at the Department of Justice that everyone is perfect and there isn’t a bias there by some. Key word, some people, some people can be biased against the president,” said Ferguson.

“It’s not un-American or it’s not insane for me to ask questions about the intent of individuals who are going after the president,” said Ferguson. Do you think he’s right?

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