Laura Ingraham Eviscerates George Bush For Saying We Need To “Say Thank You” To Illegal Aliens

Former President George W. Bush spoke at a summit in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. During his speech he told Americans that they should be saying “thank you” to illegal aliens. He also claimed that Putin meddled in our election, Laura Ingraham had the perfect takedown.

“If I were George W. Bush, I wouldn’t be so quick to bring up Russian meddling. I kind of recall — remember he was at that ranch in Crawford? He was pretty cozy with Putin when he came to visit in Texas. Remember, he looks into Vlad’s eyes, and I think he saw his soul, as I recall,” said Ingraham.

“So it was okay to try to work with Russia back then, but not now, right? “Well, I say this about looking into Putin’s soul. How did Bush so badly misjudge Vladimir Putin?” said Ingraham.

“Look, let’s face it. Bush is repulsed by Donald Trump because – number one – the Bushes are globalists. Trump is more of an economic nationalist. And – number two – Trump’s election was a repudiation of both of the Bushes and the Clintons. And also, of course, W is still smarting from Trump’s trouncing his baby brother, Jeb, in the primaries,” she said.

“The president should wear the tired Bush critiques as a badge of honor. Trump is doing what previous administrations were unwilling or unable to do,” she said.

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